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Copia Ultra Value Listing Program

What is Copia Ultra Value?

  • 0% commission

  • Sell your home for MORE; we will sell your home based on the post-renovation value allowing us to offer you the best initial purchase price

  • No showings necessary

  • You grant us 3 months to find a buyer for a renovated or new construction home we will build on the property

Traditional Listing Program

Why list with us?

  • Copia agents are highly experienced, with an entire team behind them

  • We are a team consisting of the best construction and real estate professionals that will advise the best staging practices to make your home more sellable

  • Your home will be professionally photographed and marketed with all the major listing outlets

All Cash Offer

Looking to sell fast?

  • Our "easy-button" option

  • After viewing the property, Copia will make an all-cash offer and ensure a quick close

Why list your property with Copia Real Estate? The simple answer is we know who wants to buy your home. Listed here are the multiple ways we offer to sell your property. 

Let's Discuss Your Home

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We will be in touch!

Service Areas:

Boston, Braintree, Cohasset, East Weymouth, Hanover, Hingham, Hull, North Scituate, North Weymouth, Norwell, Quincy, Rockland, Scituate, South Weymouth, Weymouth, and more.

*You will be granting Copia a 3-month exclusive right to buy at an agreed-upon price. We will then design and create a rendering of the home to be listed for sale. Based on this new design, a buyer will be found with no showings or work required by the seller.

buying or selling

listing services FAQ

How do I qualify for the Copia Ultra Value Listing Program?

To qualify for this program, the home would need to fit into one of the following conditions:

  • the home requires multiple costly repairs

  • the home/property is located in a sought after neighborhood

How would I get a higher price for my property with the Copia Ultra Value Listing Program vs. a traditional listing?

When we initially enter an agreement with you, we will commit to a price with you based on your property's market value in its current state. We will then price and market the property based on our design for the new construction or renovated home we plan to build on the property. With that said, if we enter an agreement with a buyer that is of higher value than anticipated, we will increase the purchase price of your property on a ratio basis. If we enter into an agreement for a lesser value, we are still bound to offer you the originally agreed-upon price.

How is the Copia Ultra Value Listing program different from the "We Buy Ugly Houses" other companies offer?

We offer to sell your home with no fees and/or commissions to pay. This means more money stays in your pocket in addition to getting a fair market price for your home.

Do traditional brokerages offer similar opportunities?

No, traditional brokerage firms do not benefit from having a licensed contractor in-house to assess and execute a new home design accurately. We are offering an all-in-one service, providing you with an easy, smooth transaction.

Do you offer traditional listing options?

Absolutely. If your home does not qualify for the Copia Ultra Value Listing Program, we are happy to list your home more traditionally or we can make you an all cash offer.

Why would I get more for my house with Copia vs. a traditional brokerage?

We are a small, local team which means we can really get to know you. With your needs and goals in mind, we will use our industry expertise and creativity to optimize your property for potential buyers, making the home selling process both lucrative and as smooth as possible for you. Your home will also be professionally photographed and listed on local property websites to maximize visibility outside of our direct efforts to find you the right buyer.

Still have questions?

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