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Milton Kitchen Addition

Milton, MA

For this project, the original galley kitchen was simply too small for the client. The space was doubled in size by adding an addition to the home. We removed an existing deck to make space for the project. Helical piles were used instead of traditional sonotubes to avoid damaging the nearby swimming pool and existing lawn. A seating area with a custom-made, built-in bench with storage was added.


Our design team worked with the client to choose all cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, paint, and finishes. To save on costs, standard cabinets were used, but with customizations to create custom storage spaces like a 9" pullout floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet. Natural light was captured with three new casement windows facing the backyard and pool.

A custom lighting plan was created to ensure that important prep space was covered but still had a warm and inviting feeling when the meals are complete. This was accomplished with multiple LED recessed lights on variable dimmers and under-cabinet color-changing lighting controlled with a phone app to create ambiance while sitting in either of the two dining areas of the kitchen.

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