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6 People You Need In Your Homeowner Network

Updated: May 31, 2023

You’ve finally become a homeowner - Congratulations! But what now? What if there is an emergency? What do you do if something breaks? We’ve got you covered; in this article, we list out the six professionals we recommend you have in your homeowner network to keep you prepared for anything through the realities of owning a place of your own. In many areas of your life, it’s not what you know; it’s who you know. Not surprisingly, homeownership is not exempt from this sentiment. The sooner you start trying to find these essential professionals, the better you will handle any problem that comes your way.

A man in a suit holding an umbrella over a man sitting in a chair with his thumbs up

A good insurance agent

If you have a mortgage loan on your home, then you’re going to need homeowners’ insurance, which protects your house — from risk. And to get the best deals on insurance and make sure you’re fully covered for everything that needs to be addressed, you’ll probably need to talk to an insurance agent about your options.

  • Most home insurance policies cover things like fire, for example, but they don’t automatically include coverage for other adverse events like a flood or an earthquake. Do you need earthquake insurance? Your insurance agent will be able to guide you and educate you on the coverage you do and do not need.

  • You may also be eligible for discounts on other insurance policies when you become a homeowner, like your car insurance. In addition, you may want to increase your coverage for policies like car insurance; now that you’re a homeowner, you have a big asset that could become part of a claim if you get into a bad car accident, you’re at fault, and your insurance doesn’t fully cover the other party’s damages or injuries.

A good insurance agent can make sure you’re covered from all angles so that you can live your life with some peace of mind.

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Taxes, as a homeowner, may get more complicated. Finding the right CPA means you will be getting all the deductions you should and not leaving any tax-related benefits on the table. With more people working from home, this becomes especially important! With a home office, you may be able to deduct things like a portion of your utilities, mortgage interest, and property taxes.

a man with a tool box

A general contractor

As a homeowner, there are always going to be little things that need attention here and there, possibly as soon as you move in.

  • Chipped crown molding, holes in walls, broken windows, or doors that creak — whatever your issue, living with it might be fine for as long as you can stand it, but at some point, you’ll want your house to look as nice as it possibly can, even if that only happens right before you get ready to sell it.

  • Maybe you want to do some renovations or even add a room, a shed, a garage, a deck … if that’s the case, it’s even more important to find a reliable general contractor.

A reliable general contractor is one that shows up on time and who can accurately quote a project so that you can budget for it. Reliable contractors can explain timelines, the cost of different materials, offer options, and get the job done on time (or within a reasonable window). At Copia, we take great pride in providing general contractor services that you can rely on. Give us a call today!

an electrician fixing an outlet on the ceiling

An electrician

Electrical systems are complex and must be approached with safety in mind foremost. Having an electrician in your network will likely result in you saving more money over time rather than trying to perform the job yourself. Suppose you have no prior knowledge or training. In that case, you could inadvertently damage something or inaccurately complete the project, resulting in having to call in a professional to fix the problem anyway or, worse, a house fire.

Having a qualified, trusted electrician’s contact information handy will make any initial electrical setup or upgrade a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable experience.

a plumber working under a sink

A plumber

Small plumbing problems can be easy DIY fixes, like a clogged drain, but can quickly escalate into more significant issues. Professional plumbers can efficiently and rapidly assess any situation and are equipped with the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to repair any plumbing problems you may be experiencing.

You never know when an emergency may arise, so having a plumber you can trust in your network will save you headaches and, most likely, money versus attempting a DIY repair.

a real estate agent handing a key to the homeowner

A real estate agent

Of course, you aren’t ready to sell your house as soon as you move in — but keeping in touch with a local real estate agent is still a good plan.

  • Your agent is often the first to know not only who’s buying (and moving in) and who’s selling (and moving out), but also whether there are any new developments planned nearby, where the best restaurants and home improvement stores are located, if there’s a new hiking or biking trail planned, and much more.

  • When you are ready to sell, your real estate agent can help you decide what needs to be changed or fixed to make your home one of the most enticing in the neighborhood, can give you a good idea of when would be the best time of year to put your house on the market, how to price the place, and hold your hand from beginning to end. That’ll be easier to do if you’ve maintained a relationship with the same agent over time instead of scrambling to find one only when you’re trying to sell.

  • Plus, like your neighbors, a real estate agent can often help you fill in any gaps that are missing in your own personal homeowner network of helpers.

  • Using a Copia agent gives you the advantage of both contractor services and real estate services, all in one!

By having these trusted professionals in your network, you can rest assured that any problem that pops up will be quickly taken care of!


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