copia homes are better homes

Our experienced team uses the best building materials as well as new and proven techniques to build homes today

All of us at copia take pride in our work.  We want to be proud of what we do; and we are!  From the ownership, management, carpenters, brokers, agents, realtors and subcontracted tradesmen like our plumbers, electricians and masons, we all care about doing the best we can do, at all times.  As a company committed to excellence, we are always on the search for finding new and proven building materials and building techniques and have the best people to do the work.  

Have a look through the slide show below and see what we have done in the past.  You will see that we are in fact a unique company providing high quality service and products to your project.  From high-end finishes like quartz countertops and custom backsplashes to detailed trim work for both interior and exterior finishes made to last.  Doing the little extras and delivering on promises is all part of our mission.

See more of our work in the gallery below:
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